Weekly Crawl

Gaslamp Beer Tasting!

Over the last year there has been a huge boom in Craft Beers in the Gaslamp District. That said, we think with the warm weather in full swing it's about time we pop on our shades, sip some cool beers, and cruise around downtown! This is a great event for everyone from casual beer drinkers to beer aficionados and it's sure to be a fun one.

Included in this crawl will be a flight of beer at 3 different locations (12 different 4oz tastings!) and exclusive pricing on additional pints. Space is limited and this crawl will sell out so head to over to our Reservation Calendar and select Saturday, August 9th to join the fun and sip some suds!

Neon Pub Crawl!

NEON! Neon clothes, hats, shoes, glow stick & bracelets, whatever your heart desires. Go as big (or as small) as you want. The goal is to make everyone in downtown look twice at our group...or maybe look away.

The crawl will go to 4 bars, include a welcome shot, no cover charges, no lines, and plenty of awesome drink specials. Also, since we will all be in Neon, we suppose it would be best to include plenty of dancing which is why we will be going to Whiskey Girl, McFaddens, AND the booty basement of Tipsy Crow! Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

This crawl will have a very special 8pm starting time and location! Space is limited so bounce your way over to our Reservation Calendar and select Saturday, August 2nd to join the fun and get Neon!